We are passionate about the Siberian breed!

Qualifications we hold:

OFQUAL Level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management

*OFQUAL Meets the new Animal Activity Licensing (AAL) Regulations Higher Standard requirements

*OFQUAL Principles of Feline First Aid 

*OFQUAL Veterinary Nursing Assistant (to be completed 2-3year course placement based)



We are family-run, with always someone at home 24/7. I have two adult daughters Olivia and Megan, and a grandson Teddy. 

Breeding is not our primary source of income, we have our own separate business, and most of our income goes straight back into our cats’ home and facilities. We give them the best possible life, with no expense spared. Many of our past owners have noted the high level of care and quality of life we provide to our cats when they visited our facilities. 

We believe the pedigree’s, health, wellness and personality is key to a high-quality Siberian cat. Our cattery is indoors for safety reasons as well as thoroughly health tested. We health test each adult cat and always check the line history of cats for genetic and hereditary problems to ensure that our kittens will have the best possible health traits. 

Our litters are carefully planned and thought out, breeding males to females that complement each other, and that will produce the desired traits and characteristics. We have three males for diversity and new bloodlines.

We are a cage-less cattery, so our Siberian cats receive constant human interaction, personal care, lots of love, and live within the heart of our family. Their happiness is paramount, and we feel honoured to share our home with such magnificent cats. This sets us apart from most Siberian catteries, whose Siberians live outside, and is evidenced by the nature of the kittens we produce. We have decided to remain a smaller cattery, despite our success. We aim to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of our kittens, meaning each and every kitten is truly special. We take huge pride in our Siberian breeding program and have a constant appetite and enthusiasm to keep researching and learning about this remarkable breed, so we are always raising the bar in terms of what we do and achieve here.

We like to ensure we go above and beyond and only provide the best for our cats and kittens. That includes using veterinary grade flooring in our kitten and cat rooms, as well as usage of DEFRA cleaning products to ensure the best possible health environments for our cats. 

We do not mix the adult cats with the unvaccinated kittens. Our cats and kittens are raised indoors around family life and socialised to an extremely high standard. This includes socialisation with my grandson, who is eight years old and a German Shepard. We believe personality is key and having such early socialisation and TLC is our top priority.

We have some of the best pedigree lines within the U.K. and Europe. Our pedigrees are full of world champions, international champions and grand champions and we have UK champion cats. Some of our Pedigrees include foundation lines and cats within the pedigrees, which are world-famous and on the hall of fame website.

We have both traditional Siberians and colourpoint Siberians in two separate breeding programs. We specialise in the very beautiful silver Siberians. However, we also offer additional colour range. This includes bimetallic or sometimes called Sunshine, red, blue, torbies, brown and black tabbies as well as the beautiful Neva colourpoint colours. Our Siberians are traditional Siberians, and do not have the colour point gene.  

We will only ever breed from the best health tested quality Siberians. We use only high quality food, pet-safe cleaning products and veterinary grade products and follow our local councils license regulations voluntarily. More details of this can be found on our website. 

We are HMRC registered , GCCF and TICA registered and apart of the Siberian Cat Club . DEFRA licensed and can offer a delivery service.

We do not over-breed and our cats are fully health tested and up to date yearly for all their vaccinations.

All records can be seen.

We have 5* facilities and have the best cleaning routines possible and adhere to our councils breeding regulations.

About us.

My passion for cats started as a young girl, and I always found a cat that needed loving. 

After I had a red Persian for 17 years and some fostering with the cats protection, I stumbled across Siberians on the internet. I immediately fell in love with the beauty of Siberians, and, unknown to me at the time, my adventure had started!

This was in 2006, and I imported my first Siberian from Hungary in early 2007.

Since then, I have been a breeder of Siberian and with health tested pedigree Siberians imported from Russia, Hungary, USA, Germany, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic to ensure breed diversity and a healthy gene pool. 

I attend shows up and down the country each year which I love to do.

(read our pedigree FAQ on why this is important)

Our pedigrees and line history are some of what we believe to be the best in the world.

We uphold the highest possible standard of hygiene with 5-star facilities and veterinary flooring.

We do not allow our cats to overbreed, and, will transfer them to the cat/ kitten implant if they are fast seasoners to protect their health and condition.

Sometimes our cats have had a two and half year plus break before having kittens again, and we based this individually on a cats condition.

We retire much earlier than most breeders with our queens also as we believe as cats get older, births become harder. This factor does influence our pricing structure as each queen will only have a small number of litters before retirement or early retirement. 

Each cat is completely different, therefor breeding has to be tailed to each cat on what is best for them.

We believe that kitten quality is affected if a cat is over bred or for to long.

A cat over bred or for too long in age will lack vitamins and minerals as each time a cat has kittens, it takes it out of them and will need time to recover and build back up again. Some cats are not affected that much and bounce back very fast, but as we said, this isn’t always the case.

A cat absolutely loves to have kittens, and they enjoy and thrive of having kittens and we know cats love this experience of been a mother just as much as we love it , Siberians are very maternal mothers, and they are made for motherhood and they do pine for more kittens , just like humans want more children.

however if they have to many litters , they also can’t be bothered any more so its important to only breed as long as the mother cat wants kittens which is what we do .

So as we say, there are soo many aspects to breeding than just having kittens .

All our cats are health tested, and up to date yearly with vaccinations. Any and all health checks and worm and flea and all documents can be provided upon request.

We raise our cats and kittens on the best food and diet.

Asides to the pedigrees we believe health and wellness is just as important .

We health test each adult cat and always check the line history of cats for genetic and hereditary problems and to make sure the line history is tested also .

I have two beautiful adult daughters Olivia and Megan and my mother Barbra, who lives near enough next door to us , and not forgetting our kitten cuddler Teddy, my grandson.

Both of my children have extensive knowledge and expertise in breeding and caring for animals.

Olivia, is an experienced breeder of 8 years herself. 

This year she intends on attending cat shows again when COVID19 restrictions are lifted to assess our cats.

Olivia is a massive animal love, her biggest passion in life.

She also fostered cats back in 2011.

She has raised the most animal obsessed little boy you could ever meet.

Olivia has been around cats and animals growing up.

There are 1-2 people at home 24/7 to ensure that no cat or kitten is left without supervision for longer than 4 hours at a time (we follow all our local councils breeding regulations to comply with the licencing rules); our cats and kittens are fed 4 times a day wet and water is checked every 4 hours and in the highest possible standards .

As we are not a one-man-band, we have extra time to focus on socialisation as well as love and cuddles. 

We know personality is key to a high-quality Siberian