We do not take waiting lists or paid waiting lists .

We run a interest waiting list FREE.

Short time frames for kittens.

We do not take waiting lists due to have have 3 years worth of enquiries and daily demand .

We do not believe this is in the best interest of the kittens and owners to have 18 month to 2 year lists .

We want our owners to be happy with the kittens and to  know the  parents and to choose  and to not be financially stuck to us for 18 months plus at a time  and then to just be given a kitten. 

its not realistic or ethical at these time frames .

Peoples lives change and we want our owners ready for a kitten .

We know many like the facility of a waiting list , there for we will run a interest list free.

Also our clubs are now not in support of paid waiting lists and we like to always follow guidance.  

Please email us sex and colour preference and home environment and time frames that suits you.

Please be patient with responses we are very busy and takes time to go though the daily high enquiries we receive, in kitten season may take up to a week for a response .

We are not ignoring you just busy with kittens if it is taking time for a response back .

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We post all litters and update cat photos daily