Hand made pet feeder fair trade


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Perfect for cats and dogs  – no mess or  accidents stops  spillages  and  is a beautiful stylish  handcrafted design   and will last the test of time .

Heritage Pet Feeder in Whitewash over Burnt
Being sent to the cat house/doghouse is a reward when it features product from our Mela Artisans Pet Collection. Our Pet Collection boasts both intricately carved mangowood and playful designs that em-bark on a new level of pet home décor.

Made from Wood and Stainless Steel
19″L x 8.25″W x 5″H
Wipe stand clean with damp cloth
Wash bowl with mild soap & water
Handcrafted in India by skilled artisans
Mela Artisans belongs to the Fair Trade Federation and is committed to equitable and sustainable trade



Mango and sheesham, more commonly known as rosewood, are the two most popular types of wood.  While sheesham is stronger and harder, mango, as a softer wood is more easily carved.  Much of the wood used comes from trees planted specifically to be harvested for this purpose.  Monsoons and unseasonal rains can be a challenge for making sure the moisture content is appropriate.  Drying chambers and moisture meters are provided for artisan groups.


Archaeologists have found remains of wood carvings in India dating back to the 3rd and 4th century—clearly carving has been a permanent fixture of Indian history.  Generations ago, Kashmiri artisans, known for their skills in carpentry and woodcarving migrated south, setting up workshops in Saharanpur.

Today, narrow alleys in Saharanpur, a small city outside of Delhi, lead you to busy workshops where artisans saw, sand, cut and carve wood into frames, boxes, bowls, and other decorative items. Sitting on terraces overlooking these alleys, they transform trees into works of art.



This product is close to our hearts as a family as my partner is Indian