Shayana - Straight from Russia
1) Firstly join our Note of interest list once accepted  ( then follow us on social media in the mean time  for all updates ) please do let us know if you do not have social media so we can accommodate with update photos when the time arises on email.
(we would aim to offer you a kitten with in 6 months )
Arrange any allergies sittings whilst you wait  (we offer this service to everyone even if you do not adopt from us)
2) When we have available kittens of your colour and sex we will contact you on email.
We will send you the parents and photos of the kitten/video/ date of birth/ date to leave .
Generally a kitten will be of 10 weeks of age when we will start to offer to a owner after the first health check.
We will not allocate before this time  under any circumstance .
We understand as we post all kittens online and it is very temping to want or fall in love with one or  a litter or ask to option a kitten prior but we simply will not do this for anyone.
Reasons for this is 
The kittens need a health check first from a veterinarian. 
Show kittens will have first priority 
And some litters will be laboratory tested .
And we may want to hold  a kitten our self’s  ( this is rare )
The kittens will leave at 13-14 weeks.
3) If you would like to secure the kitten we require a NON refundable deposit of £300 -£500 depending on the price of the kitten  with in 48 hours via bank transfer only ( we do not take paypall ).
We will exchange contracts  in person . 
We will send over on email prior.
4) We will then ask you to confirm if you would like collection or delivery and set a date with us.
Time will be set prior for collection and the day before for delivery .
If it is delivery we require  at minimum 7 days notice if you would like to change to collect or change the date as other wise there would be a fee of £50 to collect or re arrange the date  which will be added to the kitten price for the transporter.
This is because it is individual transport and our transporter takes time off work and he would miss out on other transport jobs due to late notice  (DEFRA APPROVED FOR THE TRANSPORT OF ANIMALS)
5) Please  bring a carrier or buy one from our shop for delivery or collection  we will NOT  be profiting it is cost price to you.
( pets for homes hard top is the  cost price carrier  including tax)
or we have other alternatives in our shop.
We cant have extra  deliveries coming to the house due to time restraints and waiting in for parcels .
6)  Then Sit back and wait  for your new addition.
We will sort the rest –  all you need to do is collect or wait in for your new addition .
All the  paper work and relevant documentation will be done and sorted for you