All breeder’s have the right to determine their own cats and kittens’ worth personally and in law. 

A breeder sets their own cats/kittens worth by what they generally believe them to be .

Some breeders in the UK have charged around £1900  before the pandemic happened.

Nobody knows a breeder’s costs. This will massively fluctuate from breeder to breeder .

For example  a breeder who charges £1400, may have a higher profit margin than a breeder charging quite a lot more. 

We make sure all our cats and kittens go to the best homes possible and we would have a three year waiting list if we allowed everyone to join our waiting list.

Our prices  depend on many aspects such as  laboratory testing and extra health testing we offer on certain kittens  etc etc more information on PDA  . 

Make sure to read our Waiting list FAQ .

Examples of things which can influence  a breeder price decision.

We have tested all our cats FELD4 and feld1 in some young cats and held back low allergen Siberians for our breeding programs .
  • Professional or hobbie ( one pays tax one does not ) 20% 
  • Health testing  THIS MASSIVELY DIFFERS 
  • Kitten quality does differ ..
  • What a kitten comes with 
  • Food which breeder reared  kittens on.
  • What food adults are on some  breeders only feed adults dry . We feed wet 3 times a day to all 4 times kittens 
  • Monthly website costs.
  • Warranties
  • Do they deliver? separate liability and insurance to breeding 
  • Licensing and insurance  for breeding 
  • legal cover 
  •  If they show? this is expensive to do .
  • We  generally early retire all females compared to most breeders and or have much less than  the normal numbers of litters with a  breeding female( read our about us ) and some times cats don’t have  their first litter till age 18 months plus .  
  • Pedigree blood lines a breeder has, some are special and rare or of excellent quality.
  • Which countries they have imported from…. This alone massively influences cat prices and profit margins,
  • What cleaning products one uses . 
  • multi registered with cats GCCF AND TICA 
  • What facilities one has ( this will cost thousands for council approved ones )
  • How many times a year a breeder breeds the female vrs the cost of keep.
  • Price of the imports they bought for ( all differ) 
  • How often one does health testing on a cat
  • If they really do religiously worm and flee each month 
  • Keep up annually with vaccinations 
  • Do they provide health warranty 
  • Do they have websites they host 
  • Active social media 
  • Type of weaning and bedding they use .
  • Toys they buy
  • Time a breeder puts in
  • How the care is 
  • How the kittens are raised 
  • How the set ups differ 
  • Do they specialise with allergies 
  • What experience one has 
  • How many kittens a year a  breeder  truthfully has or cats ..
  • housed outside or raised indoors  or do they just come in for kitten birthing?  
  • What is included in kitten packs
  • What advice and help is given after an adoption has taken place
  • What type of socialisation a breeder gives 
  • Do they have the top birthing pens and whelping kits and vet bedding
  • Do they follow the local councils breeding regulations?
  • Is a breeder importing or only holding own lines back! big differences in risk and costs .
  • The list could go on and on to why a breeder feels they have chosen their pricing structure as they have , we feel although we do not have to explain ourselves we know our prices are  right and fair  for our large outgoings and tax contributions  but we feel mainly  it is educational to understand the differences in costs and what could influence the difference .

You can still get a good Siberian at any price ! we are not saying otherwise in any way shape or form, again price is at a breeders  discretion.

Breeding 15 years ago to now things have changed … big reforms and laws and regulations are now in force  such as Lucy’s law  and many more and although we hate to call them goods , in law that is what they are (  goods of sales act ) owners pay a lot of money for pedigree animals  and  its important ethical breeding practices take place and to know who you are supporting.

This is why we have a UK consumer law contract in place and all relevant insurance and legal cover .

Is a breeder  a hobby or professional breeder  ?

The government has changed the way of breeding is not breeders , they have commercialised breeding for many reasons to protect the welfare of animals  and owners and to make sure breeders are paying taxes.

So breeders now have a lot more costs and responsibility  and regulations than ever before 

We stand with the government on that this is the right direction to go in as now there any far to many scams and  bad practices out there now .

We are classed as a professional breeder as it is determined by councils and HMRC to what we are .

Do not think we have more cats or litters than some supposed ‘hobby breeders ‘ as it simply is not the case in any way shape or form .

We pride ourselves on honesty and show all our cats and kittens.

Some hide behind this tagline to pretend they don’t make a profit and that they do not have many cats .

It does not take a genius to know profit does exist .

Some breeders charge £1400 have  5- 10 cats or more   do not show  and or have 3-6 litters plus  a year and will say publicly   ‘ I do not make a profit  and have not in  over 10 years or  the whole of my breeding.  …. with in these  frame that at these prices it is  clear  to us sometimes these statements are very  untrue .

So do not be put off by a professional breeder tag line and to fact check everything you read.

Definition of a hobby breeder .

A “Hobby” breeder is a breeder who breeds the occasional litter of puppies to continue their show/working lines. … They put a great deal of time, effort and thought into breeding and are not breeding for casual reasons or to make money.

Only one of the below is needed to be excluded from using the hobbie tag line.

  • Profit of over £1000 .
  • 3 more litters a year
  • Does not show.

We have the utmost respect for both hobbie and professional breeders and nether is wrong however be aware of the information you read or see regarding price differences .

Hobby breeders do not pay TAX  and or have  insurance or licences  among many other costs.

Some are generally hobby breeders  and we know of many brilliant  hobby breeders and we must state this .. this is some not all  we are only excluded from the hobby tag line as we have made of £1000 in our 15 years breeding.

With in our 15 years we have many of times in certain years  and times been legitimate hobby breeders as we have only had one litter in  a year    and focused  solely on showing  and absolutely ran at a  massive deficit  for years and years at a time or we have had big investment years on new facilities  new cats etc, so we know first hand hobby breeders do exist but again we never had many litters at these time frames or cats  and our prices were than much much lower 15 years ago .